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Day 4: On Being Prudent In What We Accept and Do

This is a series of personally impactful excerpts from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis Book 1, Chapter 4 - followed by a brief prayer of reflection. I began this for my own reference but thought it may be helpful to others as well. As always, I encourage you to read the whole work yourself if you feel so inclined!

Book 1, Chapter 4: On Being Prudent in What We Accept and Do

  • It is not good to be taken in by every word or impulse that comes our way, but consider the thing prudently and thoughtfully in order not to offend God.(pg.21)

  • Those who seek perfection realize that human nature is weak and prone to spread the evil word.(pg.21)

  • It is wise, therefore, to act slowly, not to trust entirely our own opinions, or to accept every tale and quickly pass it along to the next one. Seek advice from a wise person of good conscience and be instructed by that person rather than follow your own way.(pg.21)

  • If you are humble and submissive to God's will, you will have peace in all you do.(pg.21)

A brief note:

This is such a short chapter but such a big issue - acting slowly seems to me to be the complete opposite of everything that our culture totes. Sure, people talk about slow living, but even that is pushed along the endless instagram/facebook/social media train of content right alongside the videos equating worth with beauty or productiveness. The slow acting that Kempis refers to seems to be born in an innate knowledge of ourselves as weak and subsequent distrust of ourselves to choose the right thing right away. It's deliberately slowing our reactions down to only pass along the good and the true, whether in word or action.

Heavenly Father,

In Your Great Wisdom alone do I wish to live my life. Before I impulsively commit to action or word, help me slow down enough to call upon your Holy Spirit for guidance. Help me to remember to be mindful of what I say and what I do and to measure what is most right against what Jesus Christ, Your Son would do. When I am not sure of the answer, help me to seek council with those who have a clear conscience and who will orient me in Your direction. Then, Lord, I ask you to graciously give me the graces and fortitude needed to choose to do only what I ought in the freedom of this life you have given me.


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