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Day 3: On The Teaching Of Truth

This is a series of personally impactful excerpts from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis Book 1, Chapter 3 - followed by a brief prayer of reflection. I began this for my own reference but thought it may be helpful to others as well. As always, I encourage you to read the whole work yourself if you feel so inclined!

Book 1, Chapter 3: On the Teaching of Truth

  • What good will it do us to learn many things, the knowledge of which will not help us on judgement day, nor hurt us if we do not know them.(pg.18)

  • What need have we to be concerned with unessentials? He to whom the Eternal Word (who is Jesus) speaks is free of useless opinions.(pg.18)

  • Oh my God, you are Truth; unite me to yourself in perfect love. I am so weary of all I read and hear and see, for only in You is all that I will or can desire. Let all the learned be silent in your presence and let all creatures be still and do you, Lord, alone speak to my soul.(pg.19)

  • The more we are united within ourselves and are joined to You in the simplicity of our hearts, the more effortlessly we understand the deep things, for the light of understanding comes to us from above.(pg.19)

  • An unmortified spirit is your greatest hinderance. Good and devout people first plan inwardly the works they are to do outwardly; in this way they are not led to evil inclinations, but bend their wills to the rule of right reason.(pg.19)

  • It is not wrong to pursue learning, for since it comes from God it is good as far as it goes; but it is far better to have a clean conscience and lead a virtuous life. Because some prefer to be learned than to be virtuous, they make many mistakes and produce little to no fruit.(pg.20)

  • Those who abound in charity are truly great; and those are also great who are little in their own estimation and regard all worldly honors as nothing.(pg.21)

  • They are truly learned who forsake their own will to follow the will of God.(pg.21)

Wonderful Counselor,

How much time do I spend chasing information that does me no good? How much time do I spend filling my mind with the cares of this world, useless time-fillers and the opinions of others when this information only distracts me from the Truth that you reveal to us through your life, death and resurrection? Mortify my spirit. Show me how to be humble like you - to die to myself and this world with the hope of life eternal with you in heaven. Help me look away from the distractions of the enemy and toward the King of the Universe, the One who spoke me into being. Help me to chase only the will of the Father in my vocation and in my short time here on earth.


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